Egg Drop Competition
Toothpick Bridge Competition

1000 toothpicks and some glue... Can you build a bridge that holds up?


Enter this exciting competition to find out if you can make a bridge that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. Prizes will be awarded for the overall most aesthetically pleasing bridge, the strongest bridge in each age category and the best overall bridge (considering aesthetics and strength) for each category. 


To enter the competition and see official contest rules, fill out the form located here. All entries due by January 22nd. 


Competition will take place on 1/23/16 at 2p, during the Science Spectacular


Age groups:

6 yrs and under       7-9yrs old         10-11 yrs old

12-14 yrs old          15-18 yrs old     19-22 yrs old

23yrs and older

Can you figure out how to get an egg to survive a 20 foot drop without cracking!? Give it your best shot it this exciting compettion.


All ages are welcome to join with the winner in each age group taking home a prize. To enter the competition and see official contest rules, fill out the form located here. All entries due by January 22nd.


Competition will take place on 1/23/16 at 11a, during the Science Spectacular.


Age groups:

4 yrs and under (5 foot drop)           5-6 yrs old (10 foot drop)

7-9 yrs old (10 foot drop)                10-11 yrs old (20 foot drop)

12-14 yrs old                                 15-18 yrs old

19-22 yrs old                                 23 yrs and older

If you or your organization is interested in helping make our event a reality by sponsoring an activity or competition, please email us here.


These events wouldn't be possible without the help and support of our generous community members. 

If you would like to volunteer to help at this event, please fill out our contact form here, and note your interest in the "Science Spectacular".


We are always in need of excited volunteers... be it running a science experiment, helping kiddos craft, helping us set up for the big day, or serving as a judge for one of our competitions, all help is greatly appreciated.

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Volunteer for the Event!

First Annual



Come join us for our first Science Spectacular event! Aimed at pleasing all ages, 2yrs-90+yrs... see some amazing science demonstrations that will thrill even the adults. Try your hand at creating some explosive reactions, learn how to make an electric toy car out of magnets and a battery, play with pulleys and watch your toddler lift you in the air!  Facepainting, carnival mask creating, silly photobooth and more.


Admission is FREE!!!


Make sure to check out our toothpick bridge and egg drop competitions with prizes for different age groups! Even you adults out there can participate. (Entries due by January 18th)


1/23/16, 10a-4p at Armature, 50 SE Scott Street 

(next to Sparrow Bakery)


After the kiddos have their fun, make sure to check out our evening adults only fundraiser: The Jubilee. Live music, food, drinks and a super awesome raffle. Don't worry, the photo booth and explosive science demonstrations carry on well into the night!

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