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We are so excited to announce our first season of collaborative summer camps with Cascades Academy!

This year's summer camps will blend the inspiring a love of learning the community has come to know from Cascades Academy, with CMCO's hands-on exploration and experimentation.

All camps will be located at Cascades Academy, and run with the CMCO curriculum and programs!

CMCO's programs are focused around hands-on exploration. Every single camp incorporates art and science and strives to build confidence in our kiddos to experiment and live creatively.


Art camps focus on understanding materials, the science of mixing, experimentation through the scientific method, and observation. Our science camps emphasize making and building skills, the design process, trial and error, and working to build complex conceptual thinking skills. 

Find camp descriptions below, and select the link to sign up at Cascades Academy!

Summer Camps Open 


Full Day / 9am - 4pm / $300

Half Day / 9am - 1pm / $200

June 24 - 28: Tomorrowland


Inventors and engineers unite! Explore your inner innovator and challenge yourself to think dynamically about the future that awaits us. Build items like solar-powered cars and electric-powered turbines while also designing sustainably sourced inventions. This camp is perfect for any young visionary that loves to tinker and problem solve through fun, hands-on projects!



July 8 - 12: Castles & Dragons


Travel back in time and discover what life was like in the Middle Ages with this STEM-filled program! Design your coat of arms, construct your own juggling balls to test your skills, build a trebuchet, and design a 3D model of a castle to keep out the dragons. Get ready for a week of adventure!

July 15 - 19: Space is the Place

3, 2, 1, blast off! This week, we’re shooting for the stars, and Camp CREATE is looking for a team of engineers to help them in their endeavor. Throughout this program, campers will design and program a LEGO robotic Mars rover, launch rockets, build lunar landers to withstand a landing, and construct a 3D model of a Mars colony.

July 22 - 26: The Wizards of Cascades Academy

Accio, campers! Cascades Academy has transformed into a school of magic, and we solemnly swear we are up to no good. Create magnetic slime, build a light up wand, play Quidditch, and design a robotic magical creature with unique abilities. You’ll discover just how magical our world is through the lens of STEM-focused activities.

July 29 - August 2: Superhero STEM

Discover how superheroes use their powers for good (or bad) and construct your own superhero identity throughout this week of fun-filled STEM projects. Campers will take on their superhero persona by learning skills such as bending water and moving objects while also designing and programming a LEGO robotic sidekick to help them in their work!

August 5 - 9: Get a Clue - Forensic Investigation

Campers, we need your help solving a mysterious crime! We’ll be transforming the IDEA lab into a crime scene investigation lab. Using various investigation techniques to collect evidence like fingerprints, hair, and clothing fibers, you can help us solve a “who dunnit” case before school starts! The culprit could be anyone, so keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to clues.


Session 7 August 12 - 16: Hi-Tech Kitchen

Are you hungry for knowledge? At Hi-Tech Kitchen Camp you’ll learn the bread and butter (literally!) and science of cooking. Create edible glass, transform juice into bubbles, and craft ice cream using dry ice. This class is for anyone who likes to eat AND create!

Session 8 August 19 - 23: Natural Disasters! (Full Day Camp)

Jump into the world of Central Oregon's natural disasters! Discover the dynamic eruptions of lava and ash that built our landscape. Every day, campers will visit lava tubes, ash flows, fossils in this field trip camp. Additional $50 per camper.


Minimum age: 3 years 9 months

Half Day / 9am - 1pm / $200

Our Pre-K half day camps give our younger campers a taste of a full day camp with a shortened schedule on our beautiful campus.

July 8 - 12: Animal Planet

Calling all animal lovers! This week, we are exploring the world of animals- the creepy crawlers, feathered flyers, furry mammals, and more. Learn to track footprints, build habitats, and move like the animals on our planet.

July 15 - 19: Little Mad Scientists


Become a Little Mad Scientist this week and prepare to experiment and make a mess with a variety of hands-on STEM activities.

July 29 - Aug 2: Where the Wild Things Are

Unleash your inner monster this week! We'll be exploring nature, building forts, creating our own wild monsters. Let the wild rumpus begin!

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